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Considering making the cut? Read the following guidelines to
find out more about hair requirements and how to go about it.

We’ll take you step-by-step so you’re 100% in the know:

Hair requirements


The minimum length needed for your ponytail is at least 20 cm. Shorter lengths may be difficult for the wig-maker to work with or possibly unusable. There is no maximum length so the longer your ponytail, the better. 

First thing's first then: pull out a ruler and measure the length of hair you'd like to donate to make sure it's long enough. If it's too short, you can always cut it towards the end of the campaign in June when it's had more of a chance to grow.


Wavy or curly hair is completely acceptable so long as it is in good condition (not dried out or damaged). Measure it when it is wet to ensure the right length for donation.


Even if your hair is colored and/or with highlights, it might still be used but it cannot have been bleached. Bleached hair is more apt to break during the wig-making process and as such, preferably avoided.


Hair cannot have more than 5% grey as grey hair becomes fragile during processing required to make a wig and doesn't absorb color as well.

Where to make the cut


We're working closely alongside L'Oreal Professionnel to build a trusted network of hair stylists from across Lebanon who will both assist you in the cutting process and collect your ponytail donation for us so you don't have to worry about dropping it off anywhere else. Once you've made the cut at any of these salons, you'll receive a custom certificate from the stylist as a keepsake for your kind contribution to our campaign.

View the full list of participating salons.

Kindly note that stylists not listed on our website are not eligible to collect your ponytail donations. The cut and styling provided by any of the participating stylists during the main campaign period (January until June 2013) are not complimentary unless otherwise specified or a part of a specific event organized for the campaign.

Check the events calendar.


You may prefer to make the cut at a personal stylist or a salon you're more familiar with who might not taking part in the campaign - that's completely fine too! Simply go over the guidelines in the "At the Hair Salon" section below with your stylist beforehand and then drop off your ponytail donation at One Wig Stand's conveniently-located office in Achrafieh, Lebanon.

[email protected]

At the hair salon


Right before making the cut, have your hair washed. No styling products, like hairspray, mouse or wax, should be added to it.


Wet hair is more fragile than dry hair so in order to ensure it arrives to us in good condition, make sure it is completely dry at the time of your cut.


Now that your hair is ready for cutting, create a ponytail using an elastic band at the length you'd like to donate. Double check that that band is tight around the hair to keep it all together once it is cut. If your hair is long, tie it with another elastic band that can be placed around the middle of the ponytail.


Measure it once more before the hair stylist cuts it for you to ensure it is at least 20 cm long. Take note of the exact length to include in your donation certificate.


The hairdresser should cut right around 2 cm above the elastic band of the ponytail you're donating and that's all it takes. "Na3iman" and we hope you enjoy your new cut!

Be sure to also take plenty of before and after photos to remember the experience. Feel free to share those captures with us to help inspire others to also make the cut. You can:

Post your shots directly on our facebook page:

Blog about it in your own way and then share the link with us so we can also check it out.

[email protected]

Donation process


If you've made the cut at one of the participating salons listed here, then you may leave your donation with them. It's in safe hands and we'll be collecting everyone's donated ponytails from all those stylists by the end of the campaign. 

Before leaving the salon, be sure to fill in a donation form so we know you donated (and so we can keep track). Don't forget to collect a personalized certificate from the stylist him/herself for your kind contribution to our campaign.


In case you cut your hair at a salon that's not taking part in the campaign, email us at [email protected] to coordinate dropping off your ponytail directly at One Wig Stand's offices in Achrafieh, Lebanon. Don't leave your ponytail with a stylist who's name is not on this website. You will also receive a certificate from One Wig Stand for your donation once you've notified us.